Sunday, December 11, 2011

NAXJA Christmas

Last night, the SoCal chapter of the Jeep Cherokee club NAXJA held its annual Christmas bash in Upland, CA. John Hudson (JohnX on the NAXJA forum) was gracious enough to let us defile his home this year. It was a good turnout, and everyone had fun.

It was really nice to see old friends and meet new ones. Grimmy, it was good to see you, man! Avery, Julio, Cory and Candice, Carol, bails85, our new chapter president John, DJ Josh, Jeremy, Falk (a really super cool guy), Beamer, and a few others were able to attend.

There was an awesome raffle with a few really big prizes, there was fire, there were guns, there was a chess game, there was food/drinks/booze, and there was a feeling of friendliness in the air. NAXJA wins again. Even the nuts jokes were a hoot.

I had planned to lightly sip a few beers throughout the evening but, by the time we left, I had put away a twelve pack. Oops. Ah well, all in good fun. This year’s party was a great success, and I thank everyone who was able to attend and contribute. Even Julio.

Falk, you are certainly an interesting character. I had much fun talking with you about engines, immigration, guns, and off-road stuff. People like you don’t come around very often, so it was extremely nice meeting you. Cheers!

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